The Wishing Well at Upwey: A History

Another lockdown project comes to fruition and has now just been published. This is all about The Wishing Well at Upwey, Weymouth in Dorset. This place is special to many people, tourists and locals alike. When I started this I had no idea how much history there was to uncover, particularly to do with Royalty. Indeed, I started this after I had looked into King George III and Upwey (see another post), when I discovered that the King came to the Wishing Well.

The link to the full article is no longer available as it now forms part of a book, available on Amazon.

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The location seems to have been favoured by Royalty. Those who visited include the following:

King George III. and his wife Queen Charlotte, who came repeatedly, with the princesses.

Prince Arthur, son of Queen Victoria

The Duchess of York, who would go on to become Queen Mary, consort to King George V.

The Prince of Wales, who would go on to become King Edward VIII.

Outside of Royalty, famous visitors include Thomas Hardy, who came her on at least one occasion when on a cycle tour with his niece. It seems like John Cowper Powys would have also visited, because he includes the place in his novel Weymouth Sands.

Upwey Wishing Well tourist jugs

Upwey, Wishing Well, Dorset, Postcard
Upwey, Wishing Well, Dorset, Postcard
Upwey, Wishing Well, Dorset, Postcard

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